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Food Security Programme for Burma/Myanmar (4 village tract)
Food Security Programme for Burma/Myanmar (6 village tract)
Houaphan Alternative Development Programme Module -HADP (Lao/H98)
Social and Economic Rehabilitation of Former Opium Poppy Growing Communities (LAO/I28)
Phongsaly Alternative Development Fund Project - PADF (LAO/I32)

UNODC Myanmar: Working to end Shan State dependence on opium poppy
(21 May 2012)

UNODC alternative development programme in Myanmar gets boost from UN Sec-Gen
(1 May 2012)

Thai alternative development projects showcased at international workshop
(2 December 2011)


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Alternative Livelihoods

Programme Outcomes

Illicit crop cultivating communities have access to sustainable livelihood programmes to improve living conditions

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Programme Outputs

  • Illicit crop cultivating countries have national plan and policies for sustainable livelihood and illicit crop elimination with resource allocation plan
  • National capacities on integrated programme design and implementation as well as resource mobilization strengthened
  • Comprehensive and integrated sustainable livelihood and food security programmes/ projects formulated under national and international resources for the ex-opium producing families and communities

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