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Wildlife crime: Don't be part of it!

The illicit trade of wildlife in Asia is worth billions of dollars a year. It fuels organized crime, corruption and violence. This new UNODC video vividly illustrates wildlife crime's tragic toll of destruction. It asks viewers to make a difference by changing their consumption habits today. You can drive change. Share this video today. Available in: English Mandarin Thai Vietnamese.


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Values-based Approach Needed For Police Integrity

Da Nang, 26 August 2014 - The Police integrity workshop, an important forum to discuss the ways to address corruption within law enforcement in Viet Nam, has underlined the need for a values-based system and culture to allow integrity to become the true currency of any police officer. The UNODC and the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) joint... [Read More]

Asian integration: transnational organized crime looks set to expand significantly unless action is taken

Bangkok (Thailand), 31 October 2014 - Transnational crime and public security threats in Asia risk overwhelming border management, law enforcement and justice agencies of many states following the acceleration of trade and migration flows as the integration of the region progresses in 2015, warned speakers at a high-level UNODC meeting today... [Read More]

Viet Nam sees a significant rise in the number and value of cash seizures at the border

Hanoi, 7 October 2014 - Transnational and organized crime generates billions of US dollars annually. The profit from crime moves globally through financial institutions, through the internet, by way of alternative or informal money remitters, arts and antiques and by trade based money laundering. Also popular amongst criminals is the smuggling... [Read More]

27/06/14 - Domestic Violence goes under screen in Viet Nam

09/06/14 - Drug dependence: Viet Nam is discussing voluntary community based treatment and care

20/05/14 - Asia and North America drive global methamphetamine seizures to record levels, UNODC reports

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