Development of Monitoring Instruments for Judicial and Law Enforcement institutions in the Western Balkans (CARDS Regional Action Programme)

Funded by the European Union

Phase 3 - Training


Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia


Prosecution and courts training 21- 22 February 2011

Training agenda

Agenda CARDS training FYROM 21-22 February_ENG_rev.doc
Agenda CARDS training FYROM 21-22 February_MAC_rev.doc

Relevant Documents for the training

Handout # 3_Pilot Data Collection Exercise_MAC.doc
MAC_Doc# 1 HEUNI-Crime and CJ systems in Europe and North America_1-148.pdf
MAC_Doc #2_ European Sourcebook 2010.pdf
MAC_Doc #3_UN_Manual development of a System of Criminal Justice Statistics.pdf
MAC_Doc #4_Aebi 2008_Counting rules.doc
MAC_Doc #5_Eurostat statistics in focus 58_2010.pdf
MAC_Doc #6_ Eurostat statistics in focus 36_2009.pdf
Programme Guidelines FRYOM_2010-06-09_MK_final.pdf
Programme Guidelines FYROM_2010-06-09_final.pdf


Migration Statistics training 2-3 November 2010


Training agenda

Annex3 Agenda_CARDS_Training_1_Migration_Statistics_Skopje.doc

Relevant Documents for the training

Annex6_Pres._Training_FYROM_n.2_-_EU_standards_20101028 MK.pdf


Police training 20-21 September 2010

Training agenda

Agenda CARDS_FYROM_Police training_20-21 Sept_Mayhew_ENG
Agenda CARDS_FYROM_Police training_20-21 Sept_Mayhew_MK

Power point presentations

FYROM_Police training_Mayhew_ENG
FYROM_Police training_Mayhew_SRB

Relevant Documents for the training

Doc #1_UNODC_HEUNI_International Statistics on Crime and Justice_2010
Doc #2_ European Sourcebook 2010
Doc #3_Eurostat Statistics in Focus 2009
Doc #4_Eurostat Offence Definitions and Explanatory Notes 2009
Doc #5_England & Wales Crime Statistics 2009-10
Doc #6_New Zealand Police Statistics 2009
Doc #8_MK Stat office_Prepetrators of Criminal Offences
Doc #9_Aebi 2008_Counting rules

Handout #1_Excerpt Programme Guidelines_FYROM
Handout #2_List Regional Indicators relevant to the police
Handout #3_Examples Victim-Offender Relationships
Handout #4_European Union Security Survey_2013_Questionnaire
Handout #5_ICVS 11TH_Questionnaire
Handout #6_Western Balkans Corruption Survey 2010_Questionnaire
Handout #7_Pilot Data Collection Exercise