Partnership for Action on Comprehensive Treatment (PACT) - Treating drug dependence and its health consequences / OFID-UNODC Joint Programme to prevent HIV/AIDS through Treatnet Phase II


This project builds upon its predecessor, Treatnet Phase I, implemented in response to UNODC's mandate to support the provision of quality drug treatment services among the member states. During two years, a global network of 20 resource centres worked collaboratively to improve the quality of treatment, developed a comprehensive training package on evidence based treatment methods; trained 26 trainers from within the network centres who in turn have trained more than 500 service providers; and developed good practice documents on four key topics.

The project's outcomes, outputs or activities remains unchanged. They include systematic advocacy to promote a sound understanding of drug dependence and its treatment and counteract stigma and discrimination; capacity building; support to the respective governments to provide evidence-based, high quality drug dependence treatment through the development of national/regional networks of drug dependence treatment centres, contributing to increased access to drug treatment for all those in need, thus reducing the negative health and social consequences of drug dependence, including HIV and AIDS.