Specialized investigative and analytical techniques



UNODC will assist the countries/territories in applying modern, specialized investigative techniques, as well as common approaches and joint operations which would improve the regional cooperation in combating human trafficking and smuggling of migrants. Assistance will be provided in enhancing the national capacities for tactical and strategic analysis as a tool for identifying, analyzing and managing investigation processes for combating organized crime and illicit trafficking. UNODC will provide specialized equipment and software in support of the collection, collation and analysis of information for effective operational responses at both national and regional level. The Office will assist in conducting specialized joint multi agency trainings and provide guidelines and trainings on standardized data collection sharing and monitoring. It will also participate in the establishing of multi-disciplinary teams of law enforcement and criminal intelligence officials as well as prosecutors for joint bilateral and/or multilateral investigations.

Within the framework of the Regional Programme, the following activity is planned for 2010:

  • Law enforcement agencies in the region will be strengthened through the provision of specialized equipment and software aimed at improving tactical and strategic analysis, as well as trainings on how to use the respective equipment.