Strengthening of Capacity for the Interdiction of Drugs in Rural Areas in Turkey


Turkey is located on the main transit route for opiates trafficked from Afghanistan to the lucrative markets of Europe. With a comparatively low prevalence of opiate use in Turkey and therefore insignificant local market, Turkey's geographic location dictates its importance as a major transit country and secondary distribution point for Afghan opiates.

The project aims at ensuring cooperation, coordination and information exchange between law enforcement agencies within the framework of the Turkish national strategy for combating drug trafficking. Turkey's capacity to fight against illicit narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances will be enhanced through provision of best practices, various resources and training. All four principle Turkish drug law enforcement institutions will benefit from the project, and a common approach to countering drug trafficking will be established. The overall objective of the project is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement authorities in Turkey to interdict drugs and disrupt drug trafficking organizations in rural areas within the context of accession to the EU.

This much needed project will be the first to address drug trafficking in the rural areas of Turkey.

The objective of this project goes along with the overall UNODC strategy to contribute to the achievement of security and justice for all by making the world safer from drugs which are a universal challenge.

The project will be executed through UNODC Project Office in Turkey under the overall supervision of the UNODC Regional Programme Coordinator for South Eastern Europe. A pledge for the 100% funding from the EC Delegation in Turkey was received.