Capacity building in the Western Balkans and the Mediterranean Region through targeted drug law enforcement exchange


The project aims to build capacity in the Western Balkans and Mediterranean Region by exchanging carefully targeted drug law enforcement officers from selected agencies of the target countries with selected European Union (EU) Member State counterpart officers. This drug law enforcement exchange programme (LExPro) will place operational officers from five priority thematic areas - seaports, airports, land borders, investigative techniques (including controlled delivery) and human resource management (including training delivery). Target country officers will be detached for a period of one month in a parallel environment in the EU Member State. Additionally within the programme the host EU Member States will detach their own officers for a return period of two weeks to work alongside the target country officers in their own unique working environments. The exchange of 'know-how' and best practices during this process will be further enhanced through detailed management reporting and a series of thematic workshops moderated by experts from EU Member States both pre and post the exchange process.