Strengthening the Criminal Justice Response to Trafficking in Persons in the Black Sea region



Weaknesses in the criminal justice response to human trafficking within the Member States of BSEC, identified jointly by UNODC and Permanent International Secretariat (PERMIS) of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), require a substantive intervention at regional level in order to foster bi- and multilateral cooperation between the BSEC countries in their anti-human trafficking activities. The envisaged outcomes of current project are: (a) enhanced bi- and multilateral networks and dialogue among the relevant criminal justice actors in the Black Sea region, (b) improved access to knowledge and exchange of existing expertise and best practices, and (c) the provision of guidance for further action through a Regional Action Plan on Bi- and Multilateral Cooperation in the Field of Criminal Justice Response to Human Trafficking and a Model Guide on Strengthening National Criminal Justice Responses to Human Trafficking. The project is in line with and will contribute to achieving the objectives of the Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN GIFT), in particular to the objectives of its implementation phase.