South-South Regional Cooperation for Determining Best Practices for Crime Prevention in the Developing World

UNODC Southern Africa, in collaboration with the UNODC office in Barbados, through the support of the Development Account, undertook a project towards sharing experiences best practices for crime prevention. This project involved the review of crime prevention projects from the Southern African and the Caribbean.  Forty selected community projects were reviewed to establish the best crime prevention strategies.

The project engaged in research, consultation and information exchange, produce a best practice manual on lessons learnt for crime prevention in the two regions.  This was done through the review of a series of examples of successful projects in both regions. The end product of the review of the project is a UN Manual for Best Practices in Crime Prevention, a South-South approach.  This manual will be widely distributed, and its contents, as well as other information, will be posted electronically on a website created specifically for the purpose of disseminating information on crime prevention tailored to the specific needs of developing countries.

Information on crime prevention best practices generally flows from the developed to the developing world, with there being little inter-change amongst developing countries on their own experiences. Given this, the project seeks to increase the inter-change between crime prevention and criminal justice practitioners in two regions - Southern Africa and the Caribbean. Information on this project can be accessed at