Strengthening the Integrity and Capacity of the Courts in South Africa

Strengthening the Integrity and the Capacity of the Courts in South Africa

In partnership with the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DJCD), UNODC Southern Africa implemented a programme to strengthen integrity and capacity of the court system in South Africa. Activities included:

  • A comprehensive assessment of the criminal justice system, assessment of the prosecutors and magistrates at the national level and an assessment of court personnel and court users in selected five courts in three Provinces.;
  • The results of the assessment were reviewed at several Provincial and National level meetings. These consultations have contributed to the elaboration of a Plan of Action aimed at strengthening the court system in South Africa and to the initiative of the President to reform the judicial system;
  • The UNDOC also supported the training of newly appointed court managers in line with recommendations from the assessment; and
  • A project extension phase towards the implementation of the recommendations on the action plan underway.