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November  - 2010 - Cambodia hosts community-based drug dependence treatment workshop

On 8 November, UNODC, in the framework of its International Network of Drug Dependence Treatment and Rehabilitation Resource Centres (Treatnet), organized in collaboration with the Provincial Health Department of Banteay Meanche, the first ever capacity-building workshop on community-based drug dependence treatment. Through Treatnet, UNODC promotes diversified and quality drug dependence treatment and care services, including HIV/AIDS prevention and care. Read more.

May - June 2010 - Regional Meeting in Africa

A further Regional Meeting in Africa, including designated focal persons and representatives of drug control agencies, ministries of health and of social affairs, academic institutions, provincial authorities, NGOs and civil society as well as UN sister agencies, took place from May to June 2010.

December 2009 - Training of Trainers in South East Asia

The 6 Master Trainers for this region (3 from Indonesia, 1 from India, 1 from Iran and 1 from Thailand) were identified in collaboration with the global project coordination team in Vienna and took part in a Master Trainers workshop. They are key partners in the capacity building component of Treatnet, and in particular in the Training of Trainers that took place in Hanoi, Vietnam from 7 to 21 December 2009.

November 2009 - Regional launching meetings in South East Asia

Treatnet for South-East Asia was launched on 2 November 2009 in Pattaya, Thailand. The launch was followed by a three-day planning meeting and workshop. Representatives of Cambodia, Myanmar and Viet Nam - the Treatnet II member countries in the region - presented an overview of the drug dependence and HIV situation, responses, gaps and priorities. Representatives from Malaysia and Thailand attended the meeting with a view to evaluate whether to participate in Treatnet activities. Approximately thirty key partners in the implementation of drug dependence treatment and HIV prevention interventions in the region contributed to a stimulating and productive discussion that involved representatives from Governments, national and international non-governmental organizations, civil society and entities of the United Nations system.

The meeting laid a strong foundation for the project's implementation, as reflected in the identified joint mission "to develop successful models of community-based drug dependence treatment in South-East Asia.

October 2009 - Training of Trainers in Africa

The regional training of trainers on TREATNET training package for the Sub-Saharan African region, was successfully completed and it took place in Mombasa, Kenya between the October 4 and 17 2009. A total of 51 trainers were trained. The participants included experts with varied backgrounds such as psychiatrists, drug dependence treatment experts, psychologists, counsellors, teachers, medical doctors, prison service workers and service providers working in the NGO and other settings.

September 2009 - Training of Trainers in Latin America

Under a thorough process of selection the Regional Coordinator, together with the lead National Counterpart from each country, identified and selected 50 professionals to be trained, including medicine doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists, service providers and nurses. The training took place in Campinas-SP from September 14 to 26 2009. 7 professionals from Haiti, 10 from Peru, 8 from Colombia, 16 from Brazil and 6 from Nicaragua were trained (3 were invited from Ecuador, and for this case the expenses were shared with Ecuador's Drug Commission). They were all trained on the "Training Package", and agreed to replicate the knowledge acquired once they return to their countries.

August 2009 - Training of Trainers in Central Asia

The three weeks regional training of trainers was organized in Tashkent from August 24 to September 11 2009. Thirty seven potential trainers from the five Central Asian countries attended the training to be trained in one of three thematic areas of the training. As part of the individual training programme, each national trainer has organized up to two training sessions with local practitioners by end of December 2009. This has comprised in a total of seventy four sessions with 9 to 10 participants per session. By the end of 2009 between 650 to 700 practitioners have been trained in the 5 Central Asian countries.

July 2009 - Regional launching meetings in Latin America and Central Asia

Regional launching meetings, involving representatives from all project countries in the region, were held in July 2009 in Lima, Peru for Latin America and in Tashkent, Uzbekistan for Central Asia. The launching meetings gave visibility to the project goals and ensured high-level support for quality drug dependence treatment and HIV and AIDS prevention and care.

May 2009 - Regional launching meetings in Africa

In early May 2009 Treatnet II started in the participating countries in Africa. Since that a series of National Launching of the meeting took place. All countries expressed initial interest in enhancing their local capacity and increasing access to quality and affordable drug dependence treatment services as offered through the implementation of the project.

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