Economic and Social Council



27 February 1951

1951/355(XII)B.Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs54/


The Economic and Social Council

1. Approves the plans prepared by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs for the further elaboration during 1951 and the early part of 1952 of the single convention on narcotic drugs; and

2. Reaffirms the authorization given by its resolution 315(XI) to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs to request the Secretary-General, if the Commission should so desire, to transmit the draft instrument to governments for their comments after making such amendments thereto as it shall have seen fit.

27 February 1951

54/ See 446th meeting of the Council.

[Resolution adopted as recommended by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in a draft resolution of its fifth session (E/1889/Rev. 1--E/CN.7/210/Rev.1, annex A, para. 2).]