Economic and Social Council



27 February 1951

1951/356(XII)B.Statistics required by the Permanent Central Opium Board36/


The Economic and Social Council,

Taking note of the report submitted by the Permanent Central Opium Board on statistics of narcotics for 1949 and the work of the Board in 1950,

Learning with regret from the report that 26 States had failed to send in 152 of the statistical reports for 1949 required by the international Conventions relating to narcotics,

Noting further that the Board states that the failure of any one government to observe its obligations under such Conventions can adversely affect every other government, and

Recognizing that complete and accurate statistical reports are indispensable if the Board is to calculate the complete world production of the principal narcotic drugs,

Requests the governments concerned to make every effort to collect statistics and present them to the Board in the quarterly and annual reports required under the conventions to which they are parties.

27 February 1951

36/ See 446th meeting of the Council.