Economic and Social Council



9 August 1951

1951/395(XIII)C.Limitation of the production of opium to medical and scientific needs119/


The Economic and Social Council,

Reaffirming its determination to continue, by all practical means, its efforts to perfect measures designed to bring under fully effective controls the production, distribution and use of narcotics,

1. Requests the Secretary-General to transmit the draft of the proposed interim agreement to limit the production of opium to medical and scientific needs,121/ together with the summary records of the debates in the Commission on Narcotic Drugs at its sixth session,122/ and the Council at its thirteenth session,123/ on the question of the limitation of opium production, to the Members of the United Nations and to non-member States Parties to the international treaties on narcotics for their observations on this proposed interim agreement, including its practicability; and

2. Asks the Secretary-General to prepare an annotated compendium of these observations, this compendium to be considered by the Council at the same time as it considers the observations of governments on the proposed protocol relating to the limitation of the production of opium.

9 August 1951

119/ See 494th meeting of the Council.

121/ See document E/CN.7/221.

122/ See documents E/CH.7/SR. 123 to 129, 132 to 144 and 148 to 151.

123/ See Official Records of the Economic and Social Council, Thirteenth Session, 494th meeting, and documents E/AC.7/SR.189 to 191.