Economic and Social Council



9 August 1951

1951/395(XIII)D.Problem of the coca leaf119/


The Economic and Social Council

1. Takes note of the report124/ of the United Nations Commission of Enquiry on the Coca Leaf, of the opinion125/ expressed thereon by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs during its fifth session, and of the Commission of Enquiry's additional observations126/ on the opinions expressed on the report by the representatives of Bolivia and Peru during that session;

2. Expresses to the Commission of Enquiry its appreciation of the work accomplished, and to the Governments of Bolivia and Peru its satisfaction at the co-operation given to the Commission;

3. Decides to forward the report and the said additional observations of the Commission of Enquiry to the Governments of Bolivia and Peru, with the request for the communication of their observations thereon to the Secretary-General before 1 December 1951; and

4. Requests the Commission on Narcotic Drugs to examine the problem of the coca leaf during its seventh session, taking into consideration all available information, and to submit its recommendations on the matter to the Council as soon as may be possible thereafter.

9 August 1951

119/ See 494th meeting of the Council.

124/ See document E/1666.

125/ See document E/1889.

126/ See document E/1666/Add.1.