Economic and Social Council



27 May 1952

1952/436(XIV)A.International limitation of opium production65/


The Economic and Social Council,

Realizing the importance of the struggle against the development of drug addiction, and the need for limiting the production of opium to medical and scientific needs,

Wishing to pursue the efforts already accomplished on the international level to facilitate this struggle and make it more effective,

Having examined the observations made by governments on the principles of the Protocol relating to limitation of the production of opium,

Convinced in the light of these observations that it is desirable and possible to adopt immediately effective measures to further the progress already made under the 1925 and 1931 Conventions,

1. Decides to convene as soon as possible, in conformity with Article 62, paragraph 4, of the Charter, an international conference to draft and adopt a protocol relating to the limitation of the production of opium; and

2. Requests the Secretary-General:

(a) To convene the Conference at such time as he may find appropriate, and preferably after the conclusion of the eighth session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs;

(b) To invite to the Conference States Members of the United Nations and non-member States which have acceded to the international conventions concerning narcotic drugs;

(c) To invite representatives of the specialized agencies, with the same rights and privileges as they enjoy at sessions of the Council;

(d) To prepare provisional rules of procedure for the Conference;

(e) To ask such governments as have not already done so to submit before 1 December 1952 their observations on the present draft protocol relating to limitation of the production of opium, together with such textual amendments as they think fit to propose; and

(f) To prepare a compilation of the observations submitted by governments and transmit it to all States invited to the Conference not less than six weeks before the opening of the Conference.

27 May 1952

65/ See documents E/2250; E/SR 574, 580, 581 and 583.