Economic and Social Council



27 May 1952

1952/436(XIV)D.Illicit trafficking by the crews of merchant ships and civil aircraft*/


The Economic and Social Council,

Having been informed by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs that there has been an increase in the illicit traffic in narcotics on merchant ships and civil aircraft during the past five years and that this increase is principally due to smuggling by merchant seafarers and crews of civil aircraft,

Desiring to take all measures possible to combat this illicit traffic,

1. Requests the Secretary-General to compile as soon as may be convenient

and thereafter to bring up to date at convenient regular intervals, a list of merchant seafarers and members of civil air crews who have been convicted of offences against narcotic laws on or after 1 January 1953, setting out so far as possible the following information:

(a) Name (including aliases where appropriate);

(b) Nationality;

(c) Date of birth;

(d) Nature of offence and disposition of the case; and

2. Instructs the Secretary-General to send the list to the governments of all States with the recommendation of the Council:

(a) That they take appropriate measures:

(i) To revoke certificates and licences currently held by merchant seafarers or members of civil air crews so convicted; and

(ii) To withhold the issue to such persons of such licenses and certificates, such revocation or withholding of such licences or certificates to be either temporary or permanent as may be appropriate in the circumstances of any particular case, provided that if either course does not accord with national law or usage the government concerned shall take such steps as may be open to it in accordance with domestic law or usage to give effect to this resolution, i.e., by sending a copy of the list to the competent authorities for such action as the latter may decide to take; and

(b) That they send a copy of the list to the maritime and aeronautical unions, companies and other appropriate organizations in their territories for their consideration in connexion with the exercise of their disciplinary functions and any functions which they may exercise in connexion with the engagement of crews.

27 May 1952

*/ Adopted as recommended by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in a draft resolution of its seventh session (E/2219 - E/CN.7/240, Annex A para. 4), with minor amendments.