Economic and Social Council



27 May 1952

1952/436(XIV)G.Control of synthetic narcotic drugs*/


The Economic and Social Council,

Noting that the use of synthetic narcotic drugs is developing rapidly, and that production of these drugs already exceeds that of morphine intended for consumption as such,

1. Thanks the Permanent Central Opium Board, the Supervisory Body and the World Health Organization for the vigilance they have exercised in regard to these substances;

2. Endorses the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the Permanent Central Opium Board and the Supervisory Body, contained respectively in the Official Records of the World Health Organization, No. 19 (1949) and in documents E/OB/7 and E/DSB/9 of 1951;

3. Requests the Secretary-General to draw the attention of governments to the desirability, should they not already have done so, of:

(a) Bringing all synthetic narcotic drugs under their national legislation on narcotic drugs as soon as they appear;

(b) Acceding without delay to the Protocol of 19 November 1948;

(c) Limiting their estimates to medical and scientific requirements;

(d) Exercising strict control over the manufacture and therapeutic use of these substances; and

(e) Making regulations to ensure that all packages containing a synthetic narcotic drug should be clearly marked with a double red line so that they may be identified by the competent services.

27 May 1952

*/ Adopted as recommended by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in a draft resolution of its seventh session (E/2219-E/CN.7/240, annex A, para. 7).