Economic and Social Council



28 May 1952

1952/436(XIV)E.The Problem of the Coca Leaf


The Economic and Social Council,

Having considered the recommendations relating to the problem of the coca leaf drafted by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs during its seventh session, 67/

1. Requests the technical assistance services of the United Nations and the specialized agencies, with the help of the Secretariat, to study the possibility of undertaking the experiments proposed in documents E/1666/Add.1/Rev.1, page 11, fifth and sixth paragraphs, and page 12, first and second paragraphs, and E/CN.7/235, pages 14 and 15, paragraphs (1) and (5) of the conclusions, within the framework of the existing technical assistance programmes in Bolivia and Peru;

2. Recommends to the Governments of Bolivia and Peru to take the necessary steps to limit the production of coca leaves to licit consumption and manufacture; and

3. Recommends to the Governments of Bolivia and Peru to take effective measures to prevent the introduction into trading channels of coca leaves and cocaine which could form a source of supply for the illicit manufacture or export of narcotic drugs.

28 May 1952

67/ Documents E/2219, E/CN.7/240, paragraph 116.