Economic and Social Council



10 April 1953

1953/477(XV).United Nations narcotics laboratory54/


The Economic and Social Council

1. Takes note of the report 55/ of the Secretary-General regarding the cost of preparing and equipping a United Nations narcotics laboratory;

2. Notes with satisfaction the work undertaken by the United Nations up to the present within the framework of the international programme of scientific research on narcotics;

3. Defers decision regarding changes in the existing arrangements;

4. Invites the Commission on Narcotic Drugs to transmit to the Council not later than its eighteenth session its recommendations regarding the future of the United Nations narcotics laboratory, taking into account the whole of the scientific work undertaken by the Secretariat in this field;

5. Requests the Secretary-General:

(a) To appoint an international committee of three chemical experts with a view to evaluating the progress made in developing methods to determine the origins of raw opium by chemical or physical means, and to arrive at conclusions as to whether the methods have been advanced to a point where they can be given practical application in the international field;

(b) To submit the above-mentioned report to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs for its consideration;

(c) To submit to the Commission a note on the cost of installing and equipping a United Nations laboratory at Geneva.

10 April 1953

54/ See document E/SR.681.

55/ See document E/2372.