Economic and Social Council


805th Plenary Meeting
12 July 1954

1954/548(XVIII)J.Illicit traffic*/


The Economic and Social Council

1. Notes that the extent of the illicit traffic in narcotic drugs remains highly disturbing;

2. Considers that in view of the international nature of this traffic it is essential to establish close international co-operation to combat it effectively;

3. Invites governments to co-ordinate their efforts in this sphere and in so doing to use all existing means;

4. Draws their attention, in this connexion, to the work of the International Criminal Police Commission, which is in a position to lend valuable assistance in the suppression of the illicit traffic by means of the distribution and immediate use of information at its disposal;

5. Requests governments to furnish that organization as promptly as possible with any information which may be of international value relating to persons involved in cases of illicit traffic in narcotic drugs.

805th plenary meeting,
12 July 1954

*/ Adopted as recommended by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in a draft resolution of its ninth session (E/2606--E/CN.7/283, annex A para. 9).