Economic and Social Council


890th Plenary Meeting
3 August 1955

1955/588(XX)C.The problem of cannabis*/


The Economic and Social Council,

Noting with appreciation the study, prepared in pursuance of its resolution 548 II(XV III) by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in consultation with the United Nations Secretariat, on the possibility of developing strains of the plant Cannabis sativa L, devoid of harmful resin or of replacing it by other crops serving similar industrial purposes,86/

Noting that work on developing such strains is already being carried out in the German Federal Republic and the United States of America and recalling its invitation to Governments concerned to conduct experiments in this field,

Considering that the technical questions discussed in the study have not yet been fully examined by all Governments, and that further data are desirable on the extent to which the illicit traffic in cannabis is related to crops grown for industrial purposes,

1. Thanks the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for its valuable assistance;

2. Requests the Secretary-General to transmit the study for their comments to Governments which cultivate the cannabis plant for industrial purposes (fibre or seeds);

3. Requests the Governments of countries where the cannabis plant is grown for industrial purposes, and which have not already done so, to furnish information on the extent to which illicit traffic in cannabis and its products is related to this crop;

4. Expresses its interest in the work that is being carried out to produce a strain of the cannabis plant without harmful resin;

5. Urges the Governments of countries in which such research is being conducted to lend it such support as they may consider practicable;]

6. Call the attention of other Governments concerned to the desirability of participating in this work;

7. Invites the Food and Agriculture Organization, in co-operation with the United Nations Secretariat, to act as a co-ordinating agency for this research; to furnish, within existing financial resources, such assistance in connexion with it as Governments may request, and to transmit a report on the progress made to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, if possible for its eleventh session.

890th plenary meeting,
3 August 1955

86/ E/CN.7/297.

*/ Adopted as recommended by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in its draft resolution II6X) (E/2768/Rev.1-E/CN.7/303/Rev.1, annex A), with minor amendments.