Economic and Social Council


947th Plenary Meeting
2 August 1956

1956/626(XXII)F.Draft Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs


The Economic and Social Council,

Having considered the proposal made by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs at its eleventh session 48/ that a committee be convened to prepare a revised draft, in the light of the comments submitted on the second draft of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 49/

Having noted that the proposal is rendered inoperative by the refusal of too large a number of countries to sit on the committee,

Considering that the Single Convention should constitute a codification of the international conventions on narcotic drugs,

Considering that, in view of the importance of the instrument in question, Governments should be given sufficient time for the submission of their comments on the revised draft of the Single Convention,

1. Urges Governments to communicate their comments on the revised draft of the Single Convention to the Secretary-General before 1 January 1957 to enable the secretariat of the Commission to prepare an analytical study thereof for the Commission's next session;

2. Requests the Commission on Narcotic Drugs to devote the maximum time at its twelfth session and, if necessary, at its thirteenth session, to the completion of a draft prepared in accordance with that study;

3. Authorizes the Commission on Narcotic Drugs to sit for a further week at its twelfth session for this purpose.

947th plenary meeting,
2 August 1956

48/ See Official Records of the Economic and Social Council, Twenty-second Session, Supplement No. 8(E/2891), para. 241.

49/ E/CN.7/AC.3 and Corr.1.