Economic and Social Council


947th Plenary Meeting
2 August 1956

1956/626(XXII)H.Meeting of scientists on opium research


The Economic and Social Council,

Considering that, in accordance with its resolutions 159 IIC(VII) of 3 August 1948, 246 F(IX) of 6 July 1949, 436 F(XIV) of 27 May 1952, and 548 D(XVIII) of 12 July 1954, widespread efforts at the national and international levels have been in progress for several years to develop reliable methods for determining the geographical origin of opium seized in the illicit traffic,

Having considered the proposal of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, 53/

1. Decides that a seminar composed of not more than nine experts should meet in 1958 for a period of two weeks to review and evaluate this research, and that the work of the seminar should include in particular: recommendations concerning the establishment of a systematic scheme for obtaining and distributing opium samples; evaluation of the methods to be used for determining origin; recommendations concerning the organization of future research and distribution of this work among the several experts; and preparation of a "draft Code of Reference" which would set forth a routine by which laboratories in the different countries concerned could apply the methods developed;

2. Requests the Secretary-General, in consultation with the Chairman of the Commission, to select the participants, with due regard for adequate representation of the principal opium-producing and drug-manufacturing countries and the main geographical regions of the world concerned.

947th plenary meeting,
2 August 1956

53/ Official Records of the Economic and Social Council, Twenty-second Session, Supplement No. 8 (E/2891), paras. 266-270.