Economic and Social Council


995th Plenary Meeting
1 August 1957

1957/667(XXIV)H.Question of inviting the authorities entitled to appoint members of the Drug Supervisory Body to appoint persons who are also members of the Permanent Central Opium Board


The Economic and Social Council,

Recalling its discussion at its sixth session,55/ the resolution adopted by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs at its third session,56/ and the statement contained in the report of the Permanent Central Opium Board on the work of the Board in 195657/ relating to the question of close liaison and the possibility of a personal union between the Permanent Central Opium Board and the Drug Supervisory Body,

Taking note with satisfaction of the results already achieved in these respects,

Taking note also with satisfaction of the willingness of the World Health Organization to co-operate in further steps in this regard,

Having regard to the interlocking character of the functions of the two bodies, and to the provisions contained in the second draft58/ of the single convention on narcotic drugs for the replacement of the two bodies by a single organ,

Recalling also its resolutions 590 AI(XX) of 5 August 1955, and 630 AI(XXII) of 9 August 1956, and the desirability of further streamlining the work of the United Nations in the economic, social and human rights fields,

1. Expresses its agreement with the desirability of ensuring to the greatest possible extent close liaison and a personal union between the two bodies, pending the establishment and coming into effect of a single convention;

2. Invites the World Health Organization, the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, and the Permanent Central Opium Board, in the furtherance of these objects, to consider appointing to the Drug Supervisory Body, for a five-year period corresponding to the term of office of members of the Board provided for in the 1925 Convention, persons who are members of the Board.

995th plenary meeting,
1 August 1957

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