Economic and Social Council


1042nd Plenary Meeting
28 July 1958



The Economic and Social Council,

Aware of the importance of the estimate system established under the 1931 Convention in controlling the licit trade in narcotic drugs,

Recalling its resolution 588 B IV(XX) of 3 August 1955, which drew attention to the question of defective estimates,

Noting that the Drug Supervisory Body is still lacking the full co-operation of some countries, and that this situation hampers it in carrying out its duties,

1. Again urges all Governments to indicate, when they send in their estimates, the method they have used in calculating them, either directly or by referring to an earlier communication in which the method has been described;

2. Reminds all parties to the Convention for Limiting the Manufacture and Regulating the Distribution of Narcotic Drugs, signed at Geneva on 13 July 1931, as amended by the protocol signed at Lake Success on 11 December 1946, that they have undertaken (article 5 thereof) to furnish the explanations that may be required by the Drug Supervisory Body;

3. Draws attention to the frequently encountered defects in consumption and stock estimates mentioned in sections IV.3, and IV.4, of the Drug Supervisory Body's statement30/ entitled Estimated World Requirements of Narcotic Drugs in 1958.

1042nd plenary meeting,
28 July 1958

30/ E/DSB/15, United Nations publication, sales No.: 1957.XI.4.

*/ Adopted as recommended by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in its draft resolution III(XIII) (E/3133 - E/CN.7/354, annex I), with a minor amendment.