General Assembly


780th Plenary Meeting
14 November 1958

1259(XIII).Technical Assistance to Afghanistan


The General Assembly,

Having considered Economic and Social Council resolution 689 H (XXVI) of 28 July 1958,

Welcoming the adoption by Afghanistan, which was formerly an important opium-producing country, of the law of Kaus 2, 1336 (24 November 1957) prohibiting opium cultivation in Afghanistan,

Believing that technical assistance in the field of economic and social development is necessary for the full execution of the policy incorporated in the above-mentioned law and for minimizing serious economic and social consequences,

Recognizing that the success of Afghanistan in this field requires international co-operation,

1. Expresses its appreciation of the policy adopted by Afghanistan;

2. Requests the relevant technical assistance organs of the United Nations and the specialized agencies concerned to pay due attention to requests from the Government of Afghanistan for technical assistance in this field.

780th plenary meeting,
14th November 1958