Economic and Social Council


1088th Plenary Meeting
30 July 1959

1959/730(XXVIII)H.Control and limitation of narcotics documentation : Quinquennial summary of laws and regulations*/


The Economic and Social Council,

Recalling that under article 21 of the 1931 Convention for Limiting the Manufacture and Regulating the Distribution of Narcotic Drugs parties are required to communicate to one another, through the Secretary-General, their national laws and regulations,

Recalling further that by resolution 626 C III(XXII) of 2 August 1956 it requested the Secretary-General :

"(a) To circulate annually to Governments a cumulative multi-purpose index relating to these laws and regulations;

"(b) To prepare a summary annual tabulation for the Commission on Narcotic Drugs of changes in the scope of control contained in the laws and regulations;

"(c) To prepare, as the need arises, summaries, analyses or studies of the material contained in the laws and regulations relating to particular aspects of international control;

"(d) In the light of the above, to prepare a summary of laws and regulations every five years in lieu of the annual summary authorized by Council resolution 49(IV) of 28 March 1947",

Having noted the view of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs that the main purposes of the summaries called for under sub-paragraph (d) above have so far in fact been served by the documents prepared and circulated under sub-paragraphs (a) to (c) above,

Taking account of the fact that the quinquennial summary for the years 1955 to 1959 inclusive could not be prepared for 1960 out of present resources and would require an extra provision in the budget for 1960,44/

Endorsing the opinion of the Commission that the extra effort and expenditure required for this quinquennial summary would not be justified in the light of the considerations set forth above and in view of other more important claims on the available resources,

Recalling its resolution 693 B(XXVI) of 31 July 1958, General Assembly resolution 1272(XIII) of 14 November 1958 and other earlier relevant resolutions on the control and limitation of documentation,

Decides to rescind paragraph 2(d) of its resolution 626 C III(XXII) which requested the Secretary-General to prepare every five years a summary of national laws and regulations in the field of narcotics control.

1088th plenary meeting,
30 July 1959.

44/ See E/CN.7/L.207, para. 14.

*/ Adopted as recommended by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in its resolution 12(XIV) (E/3254-E/CN.7/376, para. 397 and chap. XIV sec. 1 draft resolution 9), with minor amendments.