Economic and Social Council


1129th Plenary Meeting
25 July 1960

1960/770(XXX)D.Research in the field of drug addiction*/


The Economic and Social Council,

Noting the statements in the tenth report of the Expert Committee on Addiction-producing Drugs of the World Health Organization39/ in respect of research in the field of drug addiction,

Observing that the work of the Expert Committee depends in large measure upon results of research, including controlled clinical investigation, carried out in the United States of America, and that because of their heavy workloads the institutions concerned in the United States may not always be in a position to furnish the Expert Committee with necessary information at the earliest desirable date even though they endeavour to give priority to specific requests from the Committee,

Believing that research in this field should be undertaken on a scale commensurate with the importance of drug addiction as an international problem,

Concerned that means should be found to expand research activities in this field and in various parts of the world,

Desiring to facilitate scientific work with a view to rendering simpler and more comparable the methods of establishing the addiction-producing properties of drugs,

1. Expresses its appreciation of the work carried out by the World Health Organization and of the assistance given that organization by the United States of America;

2. Invites the World Health Organization, the United States of America and other countries equipped to do so to study the possibility and advisability of giving assistance in this field to such countries as may desire it;

3. Invites countries interested in undertaking or expanding their activities in research in this field to consult the World Health Organization;

4. Invites the World Health Organization to consider the possibility of preparing a code of practices by which at present the addiction-producing properties of drugs are established.

1129th plenary meeting,
25 July 1960

39/ World Health Organization: Technical Report Series No. 188.

*/ Adopted as recommended by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in its resolution 7(XV) (E/3385-E/CN.7/395, para. 162 and chap. XIV draft resolution C).