Economic and Social Council



1963/953(XXXVI).United Nations programmes for technical assistance in human rights and in narcotic drugs


The Economic and Social Council,

Having considered the programmes of technical assistance to be financed from the United Nations regular budget in 1964 which were prepared by the Secretary-General,

Having considered also the report of the Technical Assistance Committee on the report of the Secretary-General on the report of the Commission on Human Rights93/ dealing with the Advisory Services in the field of Human Rights, and that part of the report of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs94/ on the subject of technical co-operation in narcotic drugs,

Invites the Commission on Narcotic Drugs to extend to the programming of technical co-operation in narcotic drugs the same priorities approach as is being applied to the other fields of activity financed under part V, with the result that the proposals for an Inter-American Seminar on the Coca Leaf and for an Inter-agency Mission on the Elimination of Opium Growing in Burma would take the place of other contemplated projects, or would be assigned to Category II for implementation at such time as funds available under section 17 were assigned to it;

93/ Official Records of the Economic and Social Council, Thirty-sixth Session, Supplement No. 8 (E/3743).

94/ Ibid., Supplement No. 9 (E/3775), paras. 273-297.