Economic and Social Council


1286th Plenary Meeting
17 July 1963

1963/962(XXXVI)B(II).Technical co-operation in narcotics control



Survey of economic and social requirements of an opium-producing region in Burma68/*/

The Economic and Social Council,

Having been informed that the Government of Burma intends to undertake with the assistance of the United Nations and other international organizations, a survey of the economic and social needs of one of its opium-producing regions, with a view to facilitating the abolition of poppy cultivation and addiction by measures of economic and social development offering the individuals affected alternative means of livelihood in industry, handicrafts and agriculture,

Considering that the economic and social development of such a region would be beneficial not only to Burma but also to many other countries which would profit from a resulting reduction in the illicit traffic in opiates,

1. Invites the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Health Organization and, in particular, the technical co-operation authorities of the organizations of the United Nations family to give favourable consideration to a request of the Government of Burma for assistance in such a survey;

2. Draws the attention of the Secretary-General to the fact that arrangements could be made for the conduct of a survey, if requested by the Government concerned, to take the place of a contemplated project under normal re-programming procedures of the Expanded Programme, or by assignment to Category II for implementation when possible.**/

1286th plenary meeting,
17 July 1963.

68/ Official Records of the Economic and Social Council, Thirty-sixth Session Supplement No. 9 (E/3775), para. 295).

*/ Adopted as recommended by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in its resolution 4(XVIII) (E/3775-E/CN.7/455, para. 295 and chap. XVI draft resolution B.II), with the minor amendment indicated in footnote **/.

**/ In operative para. 2 the Commission had recommended to the General Assembly the appropriation of such funds which might be necessary for rendering the requested assistance, in addition to the US $ 75,000 regularly appropriated for the special programme of technical co-operation in the field of narcotic drugs under General Assembly resolution 1395(XIV).