Economic and Social Council


1520th Plenary Meeting
23 May 1968



The Economic and Social Council,

Concerned with the health and welfare of mankind,

Believing that sports activities have an important role in keeping individuals in physical and mental health,

Considering the influence exercised by the behaviour of champions upon a great many young people and even adults,

Noting with anxiety the resort in certain cases to practices known as doping, which consist in the use of psychotropes or other pharmaceutical substances, and even of narcotic drugs, in sports competition, with the sole object of artifically improving performance,

Considering that these practices are dangerous to the health of sportsmen and are inconsistent with the proper medical and scientific use of these substances,

Believing that the time has come to take a stand in this matter in view of the special influence which sport is bound to have throughout the world and particularly during this year of the Olympic Games,

1. Draws the attention of Governments to the dangers of doping;

2. Recommends that Governments take, where necessary, all appropriate measures to prevent such practices.

1520th plenary meeting,
23 May 1968