General Assembly


1748th Plenary Meeting
19 December 1968

2434(XXIII).Technical assistance in the field of narcotics


The General Assembly,

Considering the responsibility that the United Nations exercises in the field of narcotic drugs under Chapter IX of the Charter of the United Nations and under the international narcotics treaties,

Conscious of the fact that narcotic drug abuse cannot be efficiently combated if the sources of the illicit traffic in narcotic drugs are not suppressed,

Recognizing that countries in which the narcotic raw materials are grown may not be able, by their own effort alone, to put an end to illicit cultivation,

Bearing in mind the recent reports to the Economic and Social Council on the work of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs and of the Permanent Central Narcotics Board,

Recalling its resolution 1395(XIV) of 20 November 1959 which established a continuing programme of technical assistance for narcotics control,

Considering that drug addicition, where it is widespread, constitutes an obstacle to the economic and social development of the countries concerned and requires urgent and concerted efforts for its solution which would have far-reaching and salutary effects on the ever-growing problem of drug abuse,

1. Requests the Secretary-General, in co-operation with the Commission on Narcotic Drugs and the International Narcotics Control Board and in consultation with interested Governments, to develop plans for putting an end to the illegal or uncontrolled production of narcotic raw materials and to submit these plans, through the Economic and Social Council, to the General Assembly at its twenty-fifth session;

2. Invites the specialized agencies, in particular the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, as well as the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, to participate fully in the preparation of these plans;

3. Recommends that the Governments concerned develop plans to seek assistance from these agencies, from the United Nations Development Programme and from bilateral sources in their efforts to develop alternative economic programmes and activities, such as the substitution of crops, as one of the most constructive means of ending the illegal or uncontrolled cultivation of narcotic raw materials.

1748th plenary meeting,
19 December 1968.