Economic and Social Council


1816th Plenary Meeting
1 June 1972

1972/1659(LII).Abuse of cannabis and multiple drug abuse: need to ensure strict control and to continue medical and social research*/


The Economic and Social Council,

Concerned by the increase in drug abuse and concerned in particular by the frequency of cases of cannabis abuse and growth of illicit traffic in cannabis,

Noting that cannabis abuse is occurring more and more frequently in association with other drugs and alcohol and that multiple drug abuse makes it particularly difficult to treat such abusers,

Taking into account the progress made in research on the active principles and effects of cannabis,

Considering that, in addition to the great dangers of cannabis use as such, it has been demonstrated, in a number of scientific studies, notably that there is a positive correlation between the use of cannabis and the use, at least on an experimental basis, of other narcotic drugs, and that, in certain countries, the consumption of cannabis greatly increases the danger of being led into the use of halluciogens and other drugs,

Considering that further scientific, medical and social research should be conducted in order to arrive at a better understanding of the aetiology of drug abuse and thus to ensure effective prevention and to improve treatment,

Recalling that the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961,5/ placed cannabis in schedules I and IV, which carry the most stringent control measures, to prevent its abuse,

Recalling also its resolution 1291(XLIV) of 23 May 1968 on the abuse of cannabis and the continuing need for strict control,

1. Regrets that unfounded statements are being spread to the effect that cannabis is not a dangerous substance;

2. Recommends to Governments the application of the most severe control measures to prevent the abuse of and illicit traffic in cannabis;

3. Invites the Secretary-General, the World Health Organization and all competent institutions to co-ordinate and promote research on cannabis and to concentrate in particular on the problem of multiple drug abuse.

1816th plenary meeting,
1 June 1972

5/ United Nations publication, Sales No.: 62.XI.1.

*/ Adopted as recommended by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in its resolution 5(XXIV) (E/5082-E/CN/544, para. 239 and chap. XIII draft recommendation D), with minor amendments.