Economic and Social Council


1816th Plenary Meeting
1 June 1972

1972/1663(LII).Enlargement of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs


The Economic and Social Council,

Recalling its resolution 1147(XLI) of 4 August 1966 which established the present size of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs,

Noting that since the forty-first session the world-wide problem of drug abuse has reached crisis proportions,

Taking into consideration the seriousness with which the international community views this problem, the need for widespread international co-operation in searching for solutions, and the interest which States have in contributing to efforts in reaching solutions,

Decides to enlarge the Commission on Narcotic Drugs to 30 members, with effect from 1 January 1973, taking into account the special criteria used for election to that Commission as well as the principle of equitable geographical representation.

1816th plenary meeting,
1 June 1972