General Assembly


2311th Plenary Meeting
10 December 1974

3279(XXIX).Abuse of and illicit traffic in narcotic drugs


The General Assembly,

Noting with concern that the abuse of and illicit traffic in narcotic drugs have transcended national boundaries and affect the well-being and health of mankind as a whole,

Mindful of the dangers of the increasing abuse of psychotropic substances and the greater volume of the illicit traffic in these substances, as well as of various narcotic drugs,

Recalling with appreciation the activities of the International Narcotics Control Board and the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in this matter,

Appealing for global participation in all efforts to stop the abuse of and the illicit traffic in those drugs,

Reaffirming that the misuse of narcotic and psychotropic substances presents an actual as well as a potential danger to the health and future of mankind, especially that of youth,

1. Calls for more extensive and effective co-operation among nations directly concerned, in order to wage an all-out effort against the abuse of and illicit traffic in narcotic drugs;

2. Notes that unincised poppy cultivation and the use of the straw process for harvesting have been welcomed by the United Nations as one of the means of production, depending on the social and economic considerations of different countries, which lents itself to more effective control of illicit traffic when accompanied by efficient and effective enforcement procedures;

3. Invites the Commission on Narcotic Drugs to remain seized of the technical and economic aspects of the poppy straw process;

4. Requests the Secretary-General, with the assistance of the Division of Narcotic Drugs, to provide the necessary financial and technical assistance from the United Nations Fund for Drug Abuse Control to those countries which require it in order to establish and develop the poppy straw process and other techniques of control of illicit traffic;

5. Also requests the Secretary-General to consult with the United Nation Development Programme and the international financial institutions to that effect, which will make possible a more effective fight against the illicit traffic in narcotic drugs.

2311th plenary meeting,
10 December 1974.