UNODC alternative development projects in Peru


Alternative development with an environmental approach in Apurimac-Ene and south-eastern valleys, and in Pichis Palcazu, Aguaytia and Huallaga, Peru

The main objective of this project, carried out in different areas, is to strengthen profitable productive activities and facilitate access to lucrative markets, assisting farmers to increase their income in the short term and establish themselves in a sustainable way, in their areas of origin, in the long term. All agricultural activities are based on licit cultivation (e. g. palm oil, cacao, pijuayo for palm heart and eucalyptus). Related alternative development interventions will be integrated into broader local and regional development initiatives, ensuring that all agricultural activities are carried out in an environmentally friendly way. Another aim of the project is to decrease the migration of inhabitants


Sustainable agricultural development to reduce poverty through environmentally sustainable approaches and gender empowerment

The project targets an endemic coca producing area where both coca eradication and expansion is evident. Poverty indicators are very high compared to other districts, accompanied by soil degradation and de-forestation. The project area is part of the Peruvian Government's coca eradication priorities for 2010 and 2011. The activities are focused on implementing viable agro-forestry schemes integrating them in a productive chain which ends in a successful commercialization in quality markets. To be sustainable the project strongly promotes a close coordination within all public and international entities active in the area. The project has a strong gender and environmental approach.

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