National Institute of Justice; Washington, D.C., USA - (NIJ)


The National Institutes of Justice (NIJ) is the research, development, and evaluation agency of the United States Department of Justice. The Institute's mission is to advance scientific research, development, and evaluation to enhance the administration of justice and public safety. NIJ sponsors basic/applied research, evaluations, and pilot program demonstrations. NIJ develops new tools and disseminates criminal justice information.

The International Center at the National Institute of Justice has a fourfold mission: to stimulate, facilitate, evaluate, and disseminate both national and international criminal justice research and information.

The International Center focuses on developing knowledge and disseminating research results on crime issues that cross national borders, including terrorism, organised crime and corruption, human trafficking, international justice systems, cyber crime, and emerging issues.

In April 2008, at the seventeenth session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Network Institutes (PNI) organized a workshop on "Eliminating Violence Against Women: Forms, Strategies and Tools". The presentation by NIJ provided numerous examples of coordinated community response (CCRs) against violence against women. Early forms of CCRs implied the coordination of stakeholders in the criminal justice system. Later forms of CCRs included civil society, such as representatives of healthcare, policy- makers and others. The research found the multi-disciplinary participants to be effective in responding to violence against women. 

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