Open-ended intergovernmental expert meetings to enhance international cooperation under the UNCAC

Eighth open-ended intergovernmental expert meeting (Vienna,31 May 2019)

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CU 2019/59/(A) Generic Note Verbale - - -
  Information for Participants - - -
CAC/COSP/EG.1/2019/1* Annotated agenda and provisional organization of work of the 8th session of the Open-ended Intergovernmental Meeting on International Cooperation
CAC/COSP/EG.1/2019/2 Progress in implementing the mandates of the open-ended Intergovernmental expert meeting to enhance international cooperation: Note by the Secretariat
CAC/COSP/EG.1/2019/3 Statistical information on the use of the Convention as a legal basis for mutual legal assistance and in relation to civil and administrative proceedings and asset recovery
CAC/COSP/EG.1/2019/4 Report of the 8th session of the Expert Meeting on International Cooperation
CAC/COSP/EG.1/2019/INF/1 Final list of participants - - - - -