Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group on Asset Recovery

12th intersessional meeting (Vienna, 6-7 June 2018)

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CU 2018/103(A) Generic Note Verbale - - -
  Information Note for Participants - - -
CAC/COSP/WG.2/2018/1 Annotated agenda & provisional organization of work of the 12th session of the Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group on Asset Recovery (Vienna, 6-7 June 2018)
(* includes: Res. 7/1 paras 18, 22, 25, 26)
Progress report on the implementation of the mandates of the Working Group on Asset Recovery
(Res. 7/1 para.17)
Draft non-binding guidelines on the management of frozen, seized and confiscated assets
(Res. 7/1 para.28)
Proposed workplan to structure the activities of the open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group on Asset Recovery, 2018-2019
CAC/COSP/WG.2/2018/5 Timely sharing of information in accordance with article 56 of the Convention and improving communication and coordination between various asset recovery practitioner networks: Note by the Secretariat
CAC/COSP/WG.2/2018/6 Report of the 12th Meeting of the Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group on Asset Recovery
Final List of Participants - - - - -
CAC/COSP/WG.2/2018/CRP.1 Summary of the study on effective management and disposal of seized and confiscated assets: Note by the Secretariat (English only) - - - - -
CAC/COSP/WG.2/2018/CRP.2 Global Forum on Asset Recovery Communiqué: Conference room paper submitted by the Governments of Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Ukraine, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and United States of America (English only) - - - - -
CAC/COSP/WG.2/2018/CRP.3 No Safe Haven to Stolen Assets – Ten Recommendations on Asset Recovery: Conference room paper submitted by the Government of China (English only) - - - - -
CAC/COSP/WG.2/2018/CRP.4 Directory of Asset Recovery Networks: Document submitted for circulation by Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (StAR), World Bank/UNODC (English only) - - - - -


COSP Resolution 7/2: "Preventing and combating corruption in all its forms more effectively, including, among others, when it involves vast quantities of assets, based on a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach, in accordance with the United Nations Convention against Corruption"

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Note Verbale CU 2018 78 inviting contributions:

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Follow-up Note Verbale CU 2018 145:

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Contributions received
  1. Algeria French
  2. Argentina Spanish
  3. Bolivia (Plurinational State of) Spanish
  4. Chile Spanish English
  5. Czechia English
  6. Ecuador Spanish
  7. Egypt Arabic
  8. El Salvador Spanish
  9. Germany English
  10. Guatemala Spanish
  11. Hungary English
  12. Indonesia English
  13. Israel Englsih
  14. Italy Englsih
  15. Jordan Arabic
  16. Kuwait Arabic
  17. Lebanon Arabic
  18. Lithuania English
  19. Madagascar French
  20. Republic of Moldova English
  21. Myanmar English
  22. Norway English
  23. Oman Arabic
  24. Peru Spanish
  25. Romania English
  26. Saudi Arabia Arabic
  27. Slovakia English
  28. Slovenia English
  29. Sri Lanka English
  30. Switzerland French
  31. Turkey English
  32. United States of America English