Expert Workshop for university lecturers aimed at enhancing their capacity to teach on integrity and ethics


On 18 and 19 October 2018, under its Education for Justice (E4J) initiative, UNODC organized an Expert Workshop for university lecturers aimed at enhancing their capacity to teach on integrity and ethics. The Expert Workshop was held at the Universidad del Rosario, hosted and co-organized by the University's Centre for Ethics and Citizenship. Having recently completed the development of the E4J University Modules on Integrity and Ethics, UNODC is now focusing on rolling them out and engaging as many universities and academics as possible to strengthen integrity and ethics education worldwide. The present Expert Workshop is a key part of this endeavour. The Modules and an associated Teaching Guide are freely available on the  E4J website.


The objective of the Workshop was to bring together university lecturers, in their individual capacity, in order to:

  • enhance their familiarity with the E4J Integrity and Ethics University Modules;
  • consider effective approaches to teaching the Modules in universities around the world, at both the undergraduate and graduate level;
  • strengthen the participants' capacity to teach courses based on the Modules; and
  • support participants in adapting and integrating the Modules into existing or new courses.

The Workshop also addressed possible impact assessments and other follow-up activities for enhancing integrity and ethics education at the university level. In preparation for the Workshop, participants reviewed the Modules and identified the ones which they are likely to teach. They were asked to provide feedback with respect to a specific Module they find relevant to their courses, and their plans for teaching the Module. At the workshop, participants exchanged expectations and concerns related to module adaptation and integration, with the aim of reaching a clear vision of how to base classes and courses on the E4J University Modules on Integrity and Ethics. 

After the workshop, participants will be expected to teach at least one of the Modules in the upcoming academic year, and will be encouraged to provide UNODC with feedback on the quality and user-friendliness of the materials. This feedback will enable UNODC to continuously improve the Modules, with the ultimate aim of promoting quality integrity and ethics education worldwide.

Event's press release on the UNODC Colombia website