UNODC launches University Modules on Integrity and Ethics

Vienna, 9 July 2018: The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has launched a series of 14 University Modules on Ethics and Integrity, developed by the Education for Justice (E4J) initiative.

Over 70 academic experts from 30+ countries contributed to the development of these Modules, which cover essential integrity and ethics topics; these include universal values, ethics and society, ethical leadership, diversity and pluralism, behavioural ethics, gender dimensions of ethics, and the relation of ethics to business, law, media, public services and other professional fields. The E4J Modules allow for different perspectives and are easily adaptable to various local and cultural contexts.

Each Module is designed as a three-hour class but can also be developed into a full course. The multi-disciplinary Modules can be integrated as ethics components in courses on different topics. They encourage students' critical thinking and use innovative interactive teaching approaches such as experimental learning and group-based work. A "Teaching Guide on Integrity and Ethics" to accompany the Modules and provide additional pedagogical guidance is currently under development.

The Modules were launched last month in the presence of thousands of academics during the 2018 Regional Conference on Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean, organized in Argentina by the UNESCO-IESALC Institute.

Download the Modules here
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The Modules are part of a larger series being developed by E4J, a component of the Global Programme for the Implementation of the Doha Declaration, which aims to help build a culture of lawfulness among children and youth by developing age-appropriate educational material on topics relating to rule of law.

The University Modules on Integrity and Ethics, and other E4J Modules such as those on Organized Crime, are already available for lecturers across the globe online at

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