Thematic areas

To support States parties' efforts to fully implement the United Nations Convention against Corruption, UNODC delivers technical assistance in various corruption-related thematic areas, such as prevention, education, asset recovery, integrity in the criminal justice system, etc.


The common wisdom has it that "Prevention is better than cure". It is particularly true when public trust, effectiveness of institutions and security of the State are threatened by corruption. The importance of preventing corruption is recognized in Chapter II of the United Nations Convention against Corruption: the first substantive Chapter of the Convention. Read more»

International Cooperation

Successful international cooperation is required to eradicate the corrosive effects of corruption. The United Nations Convention against Corruption offers a strong framework for the States to engage in international cooperation at both the informal and formal levels. Read more»

Asset Recovery

The process of tracing, freezing, confiscating and returning the stolen assets to their country of origin is usually a complex and lengthy one, involving multiple jurisdictions and often complicated by technical, legal or political barriers. Read more»


Education is a crucial element in any attempt to effectively address the phenomenon of corruption. Through increased knowledge of the risks of corruption and its effects, it is possible to foster attitudes that do not tolerate corruption and develop skills that allow for individuals to resist social and cultural pressures when faced with corrupt practices. Read more»

Integrity in the Justice Sector

A serious impediment to the success of any anti-corruption efforts are corrupt justice sector institutions. Ethically compromised justice sector institutions mean that the legal and institutional mechanisms designed to curb corruption, however well-targeted, efficient or honest, remain crippled. Read more»

Private Sector

The evolving international legal framework and the rapid development of corporate governance rules around the world are prompting companies to focus on anti-corruption measures as an essential component of their efforts to protect their reputation and the interests of their investors and shareholders. Read more»

Corruption in specific areas

Close linkages exist between corruption and various specific areas, such as sports or wildlife and forest crime. UNODC explores these linkages with the aim to increase the understanding of the far-reaching impact of corruption and to support States in developing effective and targeted responses. Read more»

Economic Fraud and Identity-related Crime

All over the world, societies are increasingly reliant on identification information. Identity-related information about individuals is used e.g. for banking, shopping, travelling and collecting social assistance. Increasingly, such information also includes biometric information. Read more»