Data for Africa - Ongoing projects



Ghana : Following up contacts made with Ghana Statistics Office, further discussions took place during the joint UNODC-UNECA workshop on Crime Statistics held on 9-12 December 2008 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Negotiations are still on-going to implement a victimization survey which will take place this year 2009 in four (4) metropolitan areas in Ghana.

Virtual Platform

One of the recommendations of the Joint UNODC-UNECA Workshop on Crime Statistics is to establish a network of experts on crime and criminal justice statistics. Through a virtual platform, this network of African experts will share experiences and good practices in the filed of Crime and criminal justice data collection.

From the Addis Ababa workshop a forum has been set up spontaneously by participants. Experiences and especially problems are discussed per group emails. This forum will constitute the basis of the next virtual platform of experts.