CRIMJUST Workshop on litigation for presenting cases in front of criminal justice courts in Panama

16-18 August 2017 - UNODC-ROPAN held a CRIMJUST Workshop about oral litigation for presenting cases in front of criminal justice courts, in a context of the accusatory criminal system and the framework of cases of organized crime in Panama City.

In response to the needs of criminal justice officials of Panama in matters related to the new procedural rules, UNODC-ROPAN organized a workshop on oral litigation. The participants were trained to present in front of criminal justice courts, acquired and used specialized techniques. Simultaneously, the workshop raised awareness of auxiliary criminal investigation officials about the impact of their day-to-day work and the outcome of their duties at court.

The training was delivered to approximately 30 participants from different institutions in Panama, namely the National Police, the National Borders Service, the Judicial Investigation Directorate, the National Security Council, the Ministry of the Presidency and the Public Defender's Office.

The workshop included a guarantee simulation (imputation filing and request for precautionary measures), as well as a final oral trial. In this way, the participants were able to apply their knowledge acquired directly.

Under the framework of the CRIMJUST project funded by European Union  Cocaine Route Programme, UNODC and its partners (INTERPOL and TI) aim to assist Member States to enhance their capacity and integrity of criminal justice institutions to detect, investigate, prosecute and adjudicate illicit cocaine trafficking cases, and to foster cooperation at the interregional level for effective action to tackle drug trafficking and related organized crime.

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National Police of Panama

SENAFRONT National Borders Service of Panama

Ministry of the Presidency of Panama