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Press releases


May 2017

18/05/2017 - UNODC Chief's discussion on international law in St. Petersburg stresses crime prevention over cures


April 2017

04/04/2017 - UNODC Chief urges greater vigilance in face of increased attacks by Somali pirates


March 2017

17/03/2017 - "Extraordinary" 60th Session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs closes with commitment to keep protecting people
16/03/2017 - Commission on Narcotic Drugs takes decisive step to help prevent deadly fentanyl overdoses
08/03/2017 - Statement of the UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov, on International Women's Day
03/03/2017 - Statement of the UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov, on World Wildlife Day


February 2017

17/02/2017 - New agreement between UNODC and WHO to help world's drug users
14/02/2017 - Thai Princess Becomes UNODC Goodwill Ambassador on the Rule of Law for Southeast Asia


December 2016

16/12/2016 - Statement on International Migrants Day 
10/12/2016 - Statement of the UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov, on Human Rights Day
08/12/2016 - On this International Day, the world is #UnitedAgainstCorruption
06/12/2016 - Longstanding partnership helps confront threat to security, development and health


November 2016

30/11/2016 - Statement of the UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov, on World AIDS Day
24/11/2016 - Statement on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
23/11/2016 - UNODC Chief's Vatican City speech calls for drug users not to be treated as criminals
17/11/2016 -
UNODC Chief on Wildlife Crime: We have made headway, but crisis continues
08/11/2016 -
Security Council debate: UNODC Chief warns of nexus between drugs and terrorism


October 2016

25/10/2016 - Statement of the UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov, on the launch of the Afghan Opium Survey 2016
21/10/2016 - As crime conference ends, UNODC receives boost to vital work of protecting sustainable development
07/10/2016 - Statement by UNODC Chief after signing of revised Joint Action Plan between UNODC and Japan


September 2016

27/09/2016 - Statement by UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov on the formalization of the peace accord between the Colombian government and FARC-EP
27/09/2016 - Statement by UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov on World Tourism Day
16/09/2016 - UNODC, ECOWAS and partners to address challenges, responses to transnational organized crime and illicit drugs in West Africa
14/09/2016 - Nadia Murad Basee Taha to be appointed Goodwill Ambassador by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime on 16th September


August 2016

26/08/2016 - Statement by the UNODC Executive Director on Colombia
03/08/2016 - Statement by the UNODC Executive Director on the situation in the Philippines


July 2016

29/07/2016 - Statement on World Day against Trafficking in Persons
29/07/2016 - Statement by the UNODC Executive Director on the recent executions in Indonesia
27/07/2016 - UNODC Chief tells St. Petersburg audience: "Terrorism, violent extremism are world's major challenges"


June 2016

24/06/2016 - UNODC Chief issues statement praising peace accord signed by the Colombian government and FARC-EP
23/06/2016 - UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov: Statement on the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
08/06/2016 - Statement on the occasion of the High-Level Meeting on Ending AIDS
07/06/2016 - Some of the world's most majestic creatures face extinction, says UNODC Chief at New York meeting
05/06/2016 - Remarks of UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov at the UN COPS Summit in New York
03/06/2016 - Statement of UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov on World Environment Day


May 2016

09/05/2016 - UNODC and LAS launch second Regional Programme for the Arab States at high profile Cairo event
06/05/2016 - Tribute shows legacy of murdered Italian Judge Giovanni Falcone lives on in global efforts against organized crime


April 2016

22/04/2016 - UNODC Chief: UNGASS momentum can drive progress in addressing world drug problem
19/04/2016 - New campaign on science-based drug prevention launched at UN General Assembly Special Session
19/04/2016 - Global drug policies must put people first, says UNODC chief at General Assembly special session on world drug problem
18/04/2016 - NGOs vital partner in work on the ground to address drug challenges, says UNODC chief ahead of UN General Assembly special session


March 2016

23/03/2016 - 59th CND Session closes with eye on April's UNGASS 2016
14/03/2016 - At 59th CND Session, UNODC Chief says UNGASS 2016 is about "putting people first"
07/03/2016 - Statement on International Women's Day, 8 March 2016
03/03/2016 - On World Wildlife Day UN Implores Urgent Action to End Poaching Crisis
02/03/2016 - Statement on World Wildlife Day


February 2016

12/02/2016 - Statement of UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov on Italian criminal investigation known as "Glauco 1"
11/02/2016 - UNODC Chief says civil society collaboration has led to greater access to drug treatment and care
09/02/2016 - UNODC Chief describes risk of 10,000 missing migrant children as "unacceptable"

08/02/2016 - Only one out of six drug users globally receives treatment, says UNODC Chief


January 2016

22/01/2016 - Madrid meeting looks to overcome tourism's vulnerabilities to crime and terrorism
21/01/2016 - New multi-year initiative launched to step up global response to trafficking in persons and the smuggling of migrants


December 2015

18/12/2015 - Statement on International Migrants Day
17/12/2015 - Remarks of UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov, at the United Nations Security Council thematic debate on "Trafficking in Persons in Situations of Conflict: ISIL and Beyond"
02/12/2015 - Statement on the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
01/12/2015 - Statement on World AIDS Day


November 2015

24/11/2015 - Statement on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
04/11/2015 - Joint Statement of the Executive Director Yury Fedotov of UNODC and the Secretary-General of CITES John Scanlon on corruption as an enabler of wildlife and forest crime


October 2015

01/10/2015 - Statement of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Executive Director, Yury Fedotov, at the high-level event on migration and refugee flows


September 2015

28/09/2015 - UNDP, UNODC, CITES, Wildlife Conservation Society, and World Bank Group Bring Leaders Together at Event at WCS's Central Park Zoo
28/09/2015 - Global initiative launched to counter the destruction and trafficking of cultural property by terrorist and organized crime groups
25/09/2015 - UNODC Executive Director Statement on the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals
25/09/2015 - UNODC Executive Director Statement on World Tourism Day, 2015
18/09/2015 - Despite challenges, Afghanistan strengthens its effectiveness against narcotics, UNODC Chief informs Security Council


July 2015

28/07/2015 - Statement on World Day against Trafficking in Persons
27/07/2015 - Statement on World Hepatitis Day
03/07/2015 - Statement on the tenth anniversary of the entry into force of the Protocol against the Illicit Manufacturing and Trafficking in Firearms, Their Parts, and Components and Ammunition  


June 2015

24/06/2015 - Statement on the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
02/06/2015 - Statement after meeting with the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos


May 2015

29/05/2015 - High-Level International conference on drug control builds cooperation efforts in Central Asia and wider region
22/05/2015 - "Mandela Rules" passed, standards on the treatment of prisoners enhanced for the 21st century
19/05/2015 -
Statement by UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov: The killing of women and girls shames every society
15/05/2015 - Doha Declaration can catalyse world's efforts against crime, says UNODC Chief


April 2015

30/04/2015 - Statement of the UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov on the use of the death penalty in Indonesia
23/04/2015 - Terrorists profiting from drug trade, says UNODC Chief at Moscow conference on global security
15/04/2015 - ICSS and UNODC announce new partnership to strengthen investigations and prosecutions into match-fixing and the manipulation of sports competitions
15/04/2015 - Statement of the UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov - Violence against children can never be tolerate
15/04/2015 - Statement of the UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov Tragic deaths of migrants off the coast of Libya
14/04/2015 -
Terrorists, criminals strengthening their links, says UNODC Chief at 13th Crime Congress event
13/04/2015 - Swift, collective action must target cybercriminals, terrorists recruiting foreign fighters, delegates urge as Crime Congress tackles new threats
13/04/2015 - Statement of the UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov - Landmark Doha Declaration can power rule of law/development alliance for years to come


March 2015

26/03/2015 - UNODC Chief says public and private sectors must band together to end corruption's pernicious threat
24/03/2015 - President of Kyrgyzstan holds security talks with UNODC Chief during Vienna visit
20/03/2015 - Statement of the UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov, on World Water Day
09/03/2015 - Ministerial meeting on Triangular Initiative discusses action against illicit drugs
06/03/2015 - Statement of the UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov, on International Women's Day
03/03/2015 - Statement of the UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov, on World Wildlife Day


December 2014

18/12/2014 - Statement of the UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov, on International Migrants Day
10/12/2014 - "Productive" meeting with Bangladesh Foreign Minister boosts UNODC ties to country
- Statement of the UNODC Executive Director on Human Rights Day
09/12/2014 - UNODC Chief's South Asia mission moves to Bhutan for drug and crime prevention talks
09/12/2014 - Statement of the UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov, on International Anti-Corruption Day


November 2014

28/11/2014 - Statement of the UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov, on World AIDS Day
27/11/2014 - UNODC Chief in Rome, calls for protection of migrants, punishment of smugglers
24/11/2014 - Statement of the UNODC Executive Director on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
19/11/2014 - Statement of UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov on Universal Children's Day
03/10/2014 - Statement of UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov, after meeting the European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development

October 2014

17/10/2014 - Statement of UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov, on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
15/10/2014 - Head of UN in Vienna welcomes President of Mongolia
10/10/2014 - In facing challenge of illicit drugs, NGOs are crucial partners says UNODC Chief
09/10/2014 - Criminal justice's role as springboard for sustainable development emphasized at UN event
06/10/2014 - Statement of the UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov on Smuggling of Migrants


September 2014

27/09/2014 - Statement of the UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov for World Tourism Day
02/09/2014 - Statement of the UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov, after meeting with the Tunisian Minister of Interior


July 2014

30/07/2014 - Statement by UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov for United Nations World Day against Trafficking in Persons
10/07/2014 - Action against drugs, crime supports Mali peace & development efforts, says UNODC Chief
08/07/2014 - We must not remove our foot from the accelerator when responding to HIV, says UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov


June 2014

26/06/2014 - Global drug use prevalence stable, says UNODC World Drug Report 2014
25/06/2014 - UNODC Chief tells Security Council Afghan challenges "formidable", emphasises need for long-term engagement
25/06/2014 - UNODC and Kyrgyzstan strengthen their cooperation against illicit drugs and crime
11/06/2014 - State of Palestine launches National Programme on Drug Control, Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Reform
08/06/2014 - UNODC Chief's mission to Israel strengthens partnership against drugs and crime


May 2014

22/05/2014 - Drugs and crime threat mobilizes international support for West Africa Coast Initiative
21/05/2014 - Statement of UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov on the launch of the joint UNODC-WHO Drug Dependence, Treatment and Care Programme in Iraq
21/05/2014 - UNODC adopts new 'Global Programme for Combatting Wildlife and Forest Crime'             
16/05/2014 - Events in Nigeria, Lampedusa place heavy responsibility on Crime Commission, says UNODC Chief
16/05/2014 - UNODC launches study on online child abuse and exploitation
14/05/2014 - Statement of UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov on the kidnapping of schoolgirls in Nigeria
13/05/2014 - Wildlife crime worth US$8-US$10 billion annually, ranking it alongside human trafficking, arms and drug dealing in terms of profits, says UNODC chief
13/05/2014 - Statement of UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov on smuggling of migrants
12/05/2014 - Crimes against wildlife stressed at Crime Commission opening


April 2014

07/04/2014 - UNODC chief launches new Caribbean regional programme during New York mission
07/04/2014 -
UNODC Chief condemns in strongest terms callous killing of UNODC Consultants
03/04/2014 - Meeting between UNODC Chief and Austrian Interior Minister focuses on South Eastern Europe, Afghanistan


March 2014

22/03/2014 - 57th CND session ends with resolutions that signpost way forward in tackling illicit drugs
21/03/2014 - Statement on World Water Day
14/03/2014 - Triangular Initiative underscores need to address maritime routes for Afghan opium
13/03/2014 - High-Level Review opens, UNODC Chief calls for "balanced approach" when countering illicit drugs
08/03/2014 -
Statement on International Women's Day
03/03/2014 -
Planet's biodiversity threatened by wildlife crime, says UNODC Chief on World Wildlife Day


February 2014

27/02/2014 - UNODC signs new cooperative agreement with Bahrain


January 2014

27/01/2014 - Message on the 10th anniversary of the Protocol against the Smuggling of Migrants by Land, Sea and Air
18/01/2014 -
UNODC Executive Director condemns "senseless and cowardly" attack on civilians in Kabul restaurant
16/01/2014 -
"More must be done to confront drug trade, rise in domestic addiction," says UNODC Chief in meeting with Afghan Counter-Narcotics Minister
06/01/2014 -
UNODC Executive Director welcomes appointment of new Board of Trustees for UN Trust Fund for trafficking victims


December 2013

24/12/2013 - Message of the UNODC Executive Director on the 10th anniversary of the Protocol on Trafficking in Persons
18/12/2013 -
Message of the UNODC Executive Director on International Migrants Day
13/12/2013 -
Crime networks pose a threat to every country, says UNODC Chief in Istanbul

09/12/2013 - Message from UNODC Executive Director on International Anti-Corruption Day


November 2013

29/11/2013 - Executive Director Yury Fedotov: Statement on World Aids Day 2013
27/11/2013 -
Safeguarding major public events from corruption stressed at anti-corruption conference in Panama
27/11/2013 -
Corruption is the thief of economic and social development, says UNODC Chief at anti-corruption opening in Panama
20/11/2013 -
UNODC chief designates Colombian international footballer Falcao as Goodwill Ambassador
19/11/2013 -
UNODC launches new public service announcement to raise awareness of criminal trade in wildlife products
13/11/2013 -
Afghanistan opium crop cultivation rises a record 36 per cent opium production up 49 per cent
05/11/2013 -
Nicolas Cage lends support to victims of human trafficking, renews appointment as UNODC Goodwill Ambassador


October 2013

29/10/2013 - ECOWAS countries, international community renew commitment to tackle transnational organized crime


September 2013

27/09/2013 - UN Crime Body to Combat Online Child Abuse
27/09/2013 -
Wildlife trafficking is organized crime on a 'massive scale', warns UNODC head
25/09/2013 -
Good governance, anti-corruption efforts integral to global development, says UNODC Chief
09/09/2013 -
UNODC early warning system records rapid increase in legal highs in 2013


August 2013

01/08/2013 - Statement attributable to the UNODC Spokesperson on the Uruguay bill on regulation of the cannabis market


July 2013

26/07/2013 - Statement of the Executive Director on World Hepatitis Day


June 2013

26/06/2013 - New psychoactive substances pose severe challenges to public health systems, says UNODC Chief at high-level launch of World Drug Report 2013
26/06/2013 - 2013 World Drug Report notes stability in use of traditional drugs and points to alarming rise in new psychoactive substances
26/06/2013 - Statement of the Executive Director on International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
03/06/2013UNODC Executive Director welcomes signing of joint plan of action with Japan cooperation on Africa


May 2013

23/05/2013On its first anniversary UNODC SEE Regional Programme proves worth, shows road ahead


April 2013

29/04/2013Crime Commission closes on reminder that rule of law protects against violence, oppression and injustice
23/04/2013Heads of UNODC and CITES urge wildlife and forest offences to be treated as serious transnational organized crimes
22/04/2013We cannot allow the criminals to prosper from their crimes says UNODC Chief at Crime Commission opening
19/04/2013UN anti-crime standards are the "visible face of justice", says UNODC chief ahead of Crime Commission's opening
05/04/2013UN Tourism and Crime bodies to call on tourists to play a role in reducing illicit trafficking


March 2013

22/03/2013UNODC Executive Director reinforces importance of South Eastern Europe in countering drugs crime and terrorism
15/03/201356th Session of Commission on Narcotic Drugs closes with 18 resolutions passed on international drug control
11/03/2013Illicit drugs and crime are roadblocks to the rule of law and democracy warns UNODC Executive Director at drug commission
07/03/2013Millions of women and girls confront violence around the world says UNODC Executive Director
07/03/2013 - Statement for International Women's Day


February 2013

14/02/2013 - Meeting to focus on the role of organized crime in fraudulent medicines
08/02/2013 - Actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador Mira Sorvino visits the Vienna International Centre


January 2013

03/01/2013 - United Nations Drug Control Body Saddened by Death of Former Board President Hamid Ghodse


December 2012

18/12/2012 - UNODC Chief's participation at the Triangular Ministerial Meeting in Tehran stresses cooperation among regional neighbours in face of illicit drug threat

10/12/2012 - UNODC Executive Director: to save the orangutan, we must break the links between illegal timber trade, corruption and transnational organized crime

07/12/2012 - "Bribery accepted is fairness declined," says UNODC Chief ahead of International Day against Corruption

07/12/2012 - UNODC Executive Director pledges continued UN support to Indonesia's anti-corruption efforts

05/12/2012 - Lao People's Democratic Republic "extremely vulnerable" to trafficking by transnational organized crime groups, says UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov

04/12/2012 - UNODC Executive Director meets Viet Nam Deputy PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc

03/12/2012 - UNODC Executive Director Meets Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

03/12/2012 - UNODC Chief visits Myanmar, offers UNODC support, stresses need for all countries to adopt UN Anti-Corruption Convention

01/12/2012 - We need to be bold and courageous to reverse spread of HIV in prison populations, says UNODC Chief on World AIDS Day

01/12/2012 - UNODC Executive Director meets Thai Deputy Prime Minister, offers support for region's fight against organized crime and illicit drug trafficking


November 2012

23/11/2012 - We must isolate piracy's ringleaders and financiers, says UNODC Chief as counter-piracy mission ends in Mauritius

20/11/2012 - "Piracy is a complex challenge for East Africa's fragile economies," says UNODC Executive Director

16/11/2012 - UNODC Chief meets Seychelles' President, visits prison on first day of counter-piracy mission to East Africa

12/11/2012 - UNODC and International Anti-Corruption Academy begin new partnership in anti-corruption fight


October 2012

22/10/2012 - UNODC launches report to assist Member States to counter the use of the internet for terrorist purposes

21/10/2012 - Vienna conference closes after week long discussion on transnational organized crime

16/10/2012 - UNODC's new crime fighting tool turns lessons of the past into policies for the future

15/10/2012 - Transnational crime proceeds in billions, victims in millions, says UNODC Chief

11/10/2012 - "Crime must have no home," says UNODC Chief ahead of Vienna Conference on transnational organized crime

09/10/2012 - Threat of transnational organized crime to be the focus of United Nations Member States at Vienna Conference


September 2012

27/09/2012 - Piracy occurs at sea, solutions may be on dry land

25/09/2012 - My message is clear: Central America confronts violence, our role is to offer assistance, says head of UN Office on Drugs and Crime

24/09/2012 - Where Corruption flourishes, Development & the Rule of Law fail, says UNODC Chief


July 2012

18/07/2012 - UNODC Chief praises murdered magistrates who helped found modern approach to organized crime

12/07/2012 - UNODC chief briefs Security Council on threats of drugs and crime in West Africa

03/07/2012 - UNODC Executive Director Meets Iranian Official Regarding Vice-President's Anti-Semitic Comments at an Event in Tehran on International Day Against Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking

June 2012

29/06/2012 - UN drugs and crime office, World Customs Organization make a dent in counterfeit goods and drug shipments

26/06/2012 - 2012 World Drug Report launched as General Assembly debates impacts of drugs and crime on development

18/06/2012 - UNODC, Japan and Russia launch joint project to assist Afghanistan in tackling drug trafficking

11/06/2012 - UNODC Executive Director pays first visit to Albania


May 2012

01/06/2012 - UN Task Force on Transnational Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking enters new phase with Tajikistan regional meeting

31/05/2012 - Regional cooperation and severing financial flows at the core of tackling drug trafficking in Central Asia, says UNODC Executive Director

29/05/2012 - UNODC chief and President Karzai of Afghanistan discuss effective national and regional counter-narcotics action

10/05/2012 - OSCE, UNODC hold joint conference on the terrorist use of explosives


April 2012

27/04/2012 - As Crime Commission Ends, Delivery of Practical Action Against Organized Crime Begins, says UNODC Chief

24/04/2012 - We must act together to fight exploitation and human trafficking in tourism, say United Nations and international partners

24/04/2012 - Private sector invited to help fight corruption through new UN initiative

23/04/2012 - Transnational Crime Threatens Millennium Development Goals, says UNODC Chief at Opening of 21st Session of the Crime Commission

17/04/2012 - UNODC and IOM sign agreement for closer cooperation to combat human trafficking, migrant smuggling and to improve border management

17/04/2012 - UNODC and EU border management agency sign cooperation agreement

03/04/2012 - We must redouble our efforts to bring an end to human trafficking, says President of UN General Assembly


March 2012

19/03/2012 - UNODC, UNIDO join forces to promote development in rural communities dependent on drug crops

16/03/2012 - Commission on Narcotic Drugs concludes 2012 session with strong health focus and renewed support for drugs conventions

12/03/2012 - UN drugs chief calls for stronger cooperation frameworks and attention to health as way forward for international drugs policy

05/03/2012 - Japan makes impressive contribution of around $23 million to UNODC projects in Afghanistan and region


February 2012

28/02/2012 - UNODC Chief Discusses Drug and Crime Issues with Head of the Sovereign Order of Malta

16/02/2012 - UN Secretary-General and Paris Pact Partners affirm international commitment to curbing drug trafficking from Afghanistan

08/02/2012 - Member States Express Strong Support for the "One-UN" Approach taken by UNODC and other Task Force Partners on Transnational Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking


January 2012

27/01/2012 - UNODC chief invites private sector to embrace innovation and lend "helping hand" to fight corruption

12/01/2012 - Afghan opium prices soar as production rises


December 2011

15/12/2011 - Opium cultivation and production in South-East Asia give cause for concern

09/12/2011 - Secretary General calls for action by all to end scourge of corruption

07/12/2011 - UNODC strengthens counter-narcotics assistance to Afghanistan and neighbouring countries


November 2011

28/11/2011 - Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan deepen cooperation to combat threats posed by illicit drugs

28/11/2011 - UNODC Executive Director and Afghan President meet ahead of next week's Bonn II Conference

22/11/2011 - UNODC puts victims at the heart of criminal justice responses to terrorism


October 2011

31/10/2011 - Heads of UNODC and UNHCR sign MoU to combat human trafficking and migrant smuggling

29/10/2011 - "Heed the call of the Arab Spring's rejection of corruption" UNODC Chief urges States

27/10/2011 - UNODC and Senegal intensify efforts to curb drug trafficking and organized crime in West Africa

27/10/2011 - UNODC Executive Director, Guinea-Bissau's leaders address concerns about drug trafficking in West Africa

25/10/2011 - UNODC estimates that criminals may have laundered US$ 1/6 trillion in 2009

24/10/2011 - Arab Spring highlights people's rejection of corruption and cry for integrity says UNODC chief

24/10/2011 - Corrupt Money Concealed in Shell Companies and Other Opaque Legal Entities, Finds New StAR Study

18/10/2011 - UN anti-trafficking fund delivers help to victims

11/10/2011 - Opium Production in Afghanistan Shows Increase, Prices set to Rise

07/10/2011 - Sculpture of First Man in Outer Space, Yuri Gagarin, takes Permanent Residence at the United Nations in Vienna


September 2011

29/09/2011 - UNODC and Mexico build strategic alliance to counter organized crime

28/09/2011 - UNODC head tells President Santos that Colombia plays vital role in fighting drugs and crime

12/09/2011 - Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the 11 September Attacks United Nations Vienna Office Honours Victims of Terrorismn

02/09/2011 - UNODC Executive Director Meets U.S. Delegation, Discusses Regional Instabilities and Worldwide Criminal Trends


July 2011

26/07/2011 - UNODC Executive Director and President Martinelli discuss Panamas role in curbing corruption and trafficking

21/07/2011 - UNODC Executive Director meets President Ahmadinejad as he concludes trip to Iran

18/07/2011 - UNODC chief highlights robust counter-narcotics responses on first visit to Iran

01/07/2011 - UNODC Executive Director and President Martinelli discuss Panama's role in curbing corruption and trafficking


June 2011

23/06/2011 - World Drug Report: Drug markets stable but consumption of synthetic and prescription drugs rises

17/06/2011 - Budapest Seminar to promote UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy

15/06/2011 - UNODC: "Regional cooperation key in countering drug routes in Central Asia"

14/06/2011 - UNODC, Shanghai Cooperation Organization sign agreement to boost international health, safety and security

08/06/2011 - Pope Benedict XVI and head of UNODC discuss drugs and crime-related social and health challenges

07/06/2011 - UNODC Executive Director discusses crime and drug prevention with high-level Italian officials


May 2011

31/05/2011 - Space Days at the United Nations: Astronauts, Moon Rock and Space Tours at the Vienna International Centre

12/05/2011 - Gift from the Government of Mongolia to the United Nations to be Inaugurated at Vienna International Centre


April 2011

21/04/2011 - UNODC Executive Director notes key role of Russia in curbing drug trafficking

12/04/2011 - 12 April: International Day of Human Space Flight

11/04/2011 - UN Crime Commission to address the protection of children from exploitation on the web

06/04/2011 - Director-General of United Nations Office at Vienna Marks 50th Anniversary of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations

04/04/2011 - Exhibition Opens in Vienna to Mark the 50th Anniversary of the First Human Space Flight by Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin


March 2011

29/03/2011 - UNODC open Somaliland's first prison in 50 years to further tackle piracy scourge

28/03/2011 - UNODC highlight Kenya's role in curbing regional and international security threats

25/03/2011 - Grass-roots organizations indispensable for creating healthy societies, says Executive Director

23/03/2011 - UNODC Executive Director: "NGOs key partners in expanding efforts to prevent drug dependence"

22/03/2011 - Executive Director appoints Christopher Kennedy Lawford as UNODC Goodwill Ambassador

21/03/2011 - UN drugs chief urges comprehensive, proactive and humane approach to supply and demand in drug control

16/03/2011 - UNODC brings victims and criminal connections to the fore of the fight against terrorism

08/03/2011 - Slavery in the 21st Century - Hollywood actress, UN launch fund for human trafficking victims

04/03/2011 - Vienna an important hub for security and development issues


February 2011

25/02/2011 - Global alliance furthers commitment to fighting wildlife and environmental crime

25/02/2011 - The United Nations and Austria Longstanding Partners for Human Security

17/02/2011 - UNODC Executive Director and Qatari Government to address strategic security and justice issues

14/02/2011 - UNODC Executive Director Underlines Need to Strengthen Terrorism Prevention in the Gulf and Neighbouring Regions

14/02/2011 - UNODC and the United Arab Emirates Step up Cooperation on Crime and Drugs Threats

03/03/2011 - UN Trafficking Fund announces new grant opportunities for NGOs as donations near US$ 1 million


January 2011

31/01/2011 - Positive signals from Afghan opium farmers on cultivation trends in 2011

27/01/2011 - Globalization's sinister entrepreneurs hurt economic growth, says UNODC

21/01/2011 - UNODC warns that high opium prices may reverse the gains of recent years

17/01/2011 - UNODC and Mongolia to increase cooperation in fight against crime and drugs in East and Central Asia


December 2010

16/12/2010 - UN and international partners to combat trafficking and promote security in West Africa

11/12/2010 - Business leaders, civil society and Hollywood join with UN to protect victims of human trafficking

09/12/2010 - On International Day, UN calls on private sector to step up fight against corruption

09/12/2010 - UNODC and League of Arab States launch US $ 100 million five-year regional programme

09/12/2010 - UNODC and Egypt launch major anti-corruption drive on International Day

01/12/2010 - Press statement of UNODC Executive Director after his visit to Central and West Asia

01/12/2010 - Tajikistan is the first line of defence in stemming Afghan drugs: UNODC Executive Director


November 2010

29/11/2010 - Regional ownership necessary for long-term success of Central Asia drug coordination centre, says UNODC Executive Director

29/11/2010 - UNODC, UAE Work towards Closer Ties to fighting Crime, Drug Threats

27/11/2010 - Executive Director underlines continuing support to Afghan government

25/11/2010 - UNODC Executive Director meets with President to support Pakistan's efforts against drug trafficking

24/11/2010 - Tackle organized crime to save the tiger, says UNODC Executive Director

18/11/2010 - UNODC Head highlights increasing progress and support for UN Trust Fund for Victims of Human Trafficking

09/11/2010 - Joint UNODC / INCB Statement on the International Drug Control System and Human Health and Human Rights

04/11/2010 - Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher join UN Secretary General in launch of UN Trust Fund for Victims of Human Trafficking

01/11/2010 - UNODC to intensify support for new Kyrgyz drug control authority


October 2010

22/10/2010 - UN Member States take positive step on the road to the effective implementation of Transnational organised crime convention

21/10/2010 - Nicolas Cage makes impassioned plea for innocent victims of crime

18/10/2010 - Countries to address global toll of transnational organized crime

12/10/2010 - The importance of statistics to be marked by United Nations Organizations in Vienna for the first Observance of World Statistics Day

01/10/2010 - UN-HABITAT Awards City of Vienna for Excellence in Urban Planning


September 2010

30/09/2010 - Sharp drop in Afghan opium production, says UNODC

13/09/2010 - New UN drugs and crime chief to focus on public health and rights-based approach

UNODC Executive Director meets President Ahmadinejad as he concludes trip to Iran