Evaluation Handbook

III. E. Recruitment


Sufficient time needs to be allowed for the recruitment of the evaluators, especially since the availability of experienced evaluators is limited and well-qualified evaluators must often be contracted months in advance.

In addition, the recruitment process itself may take a significant amount of time. The Project Manager can help by indicating to consultants as early as possible what they need to do to fulfil UNODC requirements for contract signature. In other words the Project Manager may provide guidance on providing an updated curricula vitae in United Nations format (Personal History Form), completing the declaration of interest form, passing the basic or advanced security training as needed, obtaining security clearance as necessary and supplying an up-to-date medical certificate. Please consult with the Human Resources Management Service in this regard.

Fee rates are not negotiated; they are calculated on the basis of the experience of the consultant and can be obtained from the Human Resources Management Service while up-to-date daily subsistence allowances rates are available in ProFi.

Please note that for In-depth Evaluations the bidding process may take up to 3 months.



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Chapter III: Managing an Independent Project Evaluation