Evaluation Handbook

IV. A. Desk Review


A desk review is a review by the Evaluator(s) of the existing documentation related to the subject to be evaluated

The desk review is undertaken by the evaluation team and can be carried out from the home-base.

The collection of information is a continuous task during the evaluation process. Additional information might be requested by the evaluators in order to clarify issues identified during the desk review.

The evaluators use the material collected to compare the situation prior to the UNODC intervention with the current situation in order to understand how and why the project or programme developed as it did.

At this point, the desk review may raise new questions about the overall scope of the evaluation and about the evaluation methodology to be used. The evaluators ought to raise these issues with IEU and clarify them. The results of the discussion should be reflected in the Inception Report (please see Chapter IV, Section C. for further information on Inception Reports).

In the case of Independent Project Evaluations, the evaluators ought to raise these issues with the Project Manager and clarify them in the Inception Report.

The desk review is the first stage of a triangulation process which serves to independently assess the subject evaluated from at least three different sources of information or methods of information collection. Evaluators should not only triangulate sources of information but also methods to ensure reliability of the information gathered during the evaluation.

For further information on triangulation, please see Chapter III, Section C, paragraph 3.

For further information on the sources and methods to be used by Evaluator(s), please see Chapter III, Section C, paragraph 3 and Chapter IV, Section C.





















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