Evaluation Handbook

IV. E. Presentation of preliminary Findings and Follow-up Interviews


For all evaluations, it is strongly recommended to organize an internal debriefing session with the members of the CLP in the field and/or at Headquarters.

These debriefing sessions will be instrumental in ensuring ownership. Indeed, arranging an internal discussion of evaluation findings and recommendations with the CLP is essential for promoting understanding of the evaluation results. It is indeed more likely that users will find evaluation recommendations useful and that they will be prepared to implement them if they meet to discuss them face-to-face with the evaluators rather than if they just receive a report for comments.

During a debriefing session, the evaluation team presents an oral report of its initial findings and preliminary conclusions so as to allow participants to react to the conclusions reached. CLP members can provide feedback on so as to clarify points that may have been misunderstood by the evaluators.

Debriefing sessions, including presentation of preliminary findings could be used as an opportunity to conduct follow-up interviews as deemed necessary by the evaluation team.



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Chapter IV: Undertaking an In-depth Evaluation