Evaluation Handbook

IV. G. Management Response


The Management Response is the written response from UNODC Management (if necessary in consultation with Governments and other stakeholders) to the evaluation process, findings and recommendations

The Management Response forms an integral part of the evaluation report and significantly increases transparency and accountability of the Organization.

The Management Response process allows UNODC Management to react to the evaluation, reflect on the project/programme's results and generate lessons that are applicable beyond a particular evaluation. Management Responses are seen as an opportunity for UNODC Management to provide an overall feedback not only on the evaluation process and recommendations but also on the rationale for the Evaluation Follow-up Plan. Please see Chapter VI, Section C. for further information on EFP.

The Management Response doesn't preclude having an Evaluation Follow-up Plan which tracks the implementation of the evaluation recommendations.

Project and Senior Managers are responsible for preparing the Management Response and consulting with relevant evaluation stakeholders willing to provide a response to the evaluation.

Other relevant evaluation stakeholders can provide further response to the evaluation and/or endorse the Management Response before its finalization, if they wish to do so.

The preparation of the Management Response, its possible endorsement by the evaluation stakeholders and its subsequent posting on IEU website should take no more than four weeks in total from the time the evaluation is finalized.

For Independent Project Evaluations, Management Responses are optional. Should the Project Manager decide to submit a Management Response to IEU, the submission should take place within 7 days from the date of the finalization of the evaluation report

The final report, the Management Response and the Evaluation Follow-up Plan have to be submitted by IEU to the Executive Director and the Member States of UNODC simultaneously.



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